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Check What Version of Software Your Server is Running

Updated: February 5, 2016

You can use our Server Software Version Check tool (, serversoftwareversioncheck.bz2, serversoftwareversioncheck.7z) to check what versions of Apache or other HTTP server, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and OpenSSL your server is running. To determine what version of MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL you will need input the database host, username, and password, you can find that in the configuration file for the web software you are using.

You can check what version of phpMyAdmin is running using our phpMyAdmin Version Check tool, which is available in a web-based version and a web browser extension for Chrome.

If you are using the Chrome or Opera web browsers you can get details of the software running some websites with our Server Details extension.

If the server is running an out of date version of one of these pieces of software that contains a security vulnerability your website could be exploited due to that.

If you want us to add the ability to check other software or have other suggestions on the software please send us a comment.

Current Versions:

Apache: 2.2.31 and 2.4.18

PHP: 5.5.32, 5.6.18, and 7.0.3

MySQL: 5.5.48, 5.6.29, and 5.7.11

MariaDB: 5.5.47, 10.0.23, and 10.1.11

PostgreSQL: 9.1.19, 9.2.14, 9.3.10, 9.4.5, and 9.5.0

phpMyAdmin:,, and

OpenSSL:1.0.1r and 1.0.2f