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OpenX 2.8.11 Released

OpenX 2.8.11 was released yesterday. At some point the downloadable version of OpenX 2.8.10 was compromised to include malicious code that allowed remote code execution. This new version restores the versions of the files as they should have been.

It is unclear when the downloads of OpenX 2.8.10 became compromised. OpenX either has decided not release that information or does not know (considering that they did not detect the files had been modified it would be reasonable to assume they don’t know). We checkedĀ  a copy of OpenX 2.8.10 downloaded on the September 12, 2012, the day it was released, and it does not contain the backdoor. So the malicious code was added some time after that.

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OpenX 2.8.10 Released

OpenX 2.8.10 was released yesterday. No details on what changes were made have been released so far.

Update (September 14, 2012): According to the update announcement now appearing in OpenX this release “addresses recent reported security issues”. No detail of what those were was provided, which unfortunately has been an issue with OpenX for some time.

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OpenX 2.8.9 Released

OpenX 2.8.9 was released yesterday. The new version resolves unspecified security issues.

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OpenX 2.8.8 Released

OpenX 2.8.8 was released last Thursday. The new version includes security fixes. OpenX has not provided details on what the security fixes were for but they are warning that version 2.8.7 “might be vulnerable to certain attacks and is probably not secure.”

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