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Assisting You in Making the Most of Your Online Presence

At White Fir Design we are focused on assisting you in making sure that you make the most of your online presence. Whether you are a new business, an established business, or a non-profit organization we provide services that will assist you in creating or improving online presence. We provide an assortment of web design, security, and marketing services. We provide the technical expertise needed to quickly and easily create or improve your online presence, so that you can spend your time on what you do best. We work hard to provide you value for your investment in your online presence and we make sure that you are fully satisfied with the work we do.

Latest Blog Posts

It's Scary How Little Wordfence Knows About Security
If you follow the news what seem pretty clear is that cybersecurity is not in good shape these days, whether it's major credit card breaches at retailers or hacks of high profile organizations, clearly something is very wrong. It seems unlikely that is due to a lack of spending on security products and services, consider that estimates of yearly spending on cybersecurity are in the 10s of billions... Read More

Questionable Support Advice on Dealing With Hacked Websites From WordPress and Norton Safe Web's Mystery Blacklisting
One of the things we do to keep track of vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins for our Plugin Vulnerabilities service is to monitor the WordPress support forum for threads related to them. In addition to threads that actual relate to that issue, we frequently run into to other security related threads. In doing that we noticed that in many threads a reply containing the same advice is given, whic... Read More

Automattic Helping Security Companies Peddle False Narrative of Brute Force Attacks Against WordPress Admin Passwords
Last week we looked at one example of the poor state of security information surrounding WordPress, security companies falsely claiming that brute force attacks against WordPress admin passwords are happening (and also offering products and services that are supposed to protect against that non-existent threat). That has negative impact on security since you end with a lot focus and concern on s... Read More

WordPress Disappears Our Response To Post Indicating that Wordfence Premium Failed To Protect Websites From Being Hacked
When it comes to improving the security of WordPress ecosystem one of the things that is desperately needed is better security information. For example, if you were to look at discussions of WordPress security you would likely to believe that there were a lot of attempts to brute force WordPress admin passwords, despite the evidence from the WordPress security companies claiming they are happeni... Read More

WordPress Also Disappeared a Support Forum Post That Just Thanked Us
Recently we have discussed about how someone (or someones) at WordPress is disappearing some of our posts from the their support forum, including an instance where the original poster was left with only bad information from a forum moderator, while our post with the solution to their issue was deleted. Why they are doing that is a mystery, but the end result is that public is left without importa... Read More