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Assisting You in Making the Most of Your Online Presence

At White Fir Design we are focused on assisting you in making sure that you make the most of your online presence. Whether you are a new business, an established business, or a non-profit organization we provide services that will assist you in creating or improving online presence. We provide an assortment of web design, security, and marketing services. We provide the technical expertise needed to quickly and easily create or improve your online presence, so that you can spend your time on what you do best. We work hard to provide you value for your investment in your online presence and we make sure that you are fully satisfied with the work we do.

Latest Blog Posts

GoDaddy Doesn't Disclose The True Source of SiteLock's CDN and WAF Services
The last time we discussed GoDaddy's partnership with SiteLock back in September it involved a situation where SiteLock managed to break a website they were supposed to be cleaning, GoDaddy was partly responsible for the website being hacked, and SiteLock failed to detect that GoDaddy issue due to their failure to do a basic part of a hack cleanup. Based on that an expansion of their partnership ... Read More

SiteLock Uses The Fact That They Cut Corners With Their Hack Cleanups To Try To Upsell Customers
Over two years ago we noted that SiteLock wasn't doing a basic part of a proper hack cleanup, properly securing the website, which usually mainly involves making all of the software of the website is brought up to date. That situation hasn't changed, as just about three months ago we were brought in to fix a website after SiteLock cleanup had broken it. In that case not only had the software not b... Read More

Is SiteLock's Vulnerability Scanner Anything More Than Them Running Nessus on Websites?
As we have looked closer at the web security company SiteLock a reoccurring theme has been finding that their services are actually provided by others and that they don't disclose the true source (in some cases they make claims that would reasonable lead you to believe they are in fact provided by them directly). That can have some pretty serious implications. For example, we found that their co... Read More

WordPress Doesn't Want You To Know That WordCamp Sponsor SiteLock Takes Advantage of People
When it comes to the web security company SiteLock taking advantage of people, their web hosting partners have long been critical component of that. More recently there has been a new partner helping them to present a public face very different than the company that people end up dealing with if they have the misfortune of signing up for their services. That would be WordPress, which has allowed S... Read More

Another Cyber Security Company In The News Failing To Do Security Basic With Their Own Website
When it comes to security companies, whether it is web security or the wider field of cyber security, one thing that we found over the years is that most of them seem to know and or care little about security. We think that explains a lot of why that security is in such bad shape these days. One easy spot example of these companies either not knowing or caring about security is when their websites... Read More