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Assisting You in Making the Most of Your Online Presence

At White Fir Design we are focused on assisting you in making sure that you make the most of your online presence. Whether you are a new business, an established business, or a non-profit organization we provide services that will assist you in creating or improving online presence. We provide an assortment of web design, security, and marketing services. We provide the technical expertise needed to quickly and easily create or improve your online presence, so that you can spend your time on what you do best. We work hard to provide you value for your investment in your online presence and we make sure that you are fully satisfied with the work we do.

Latest Blog Posts

Note to Web Hosts: SimpleScripts is No Longer Being Updated
When it comes to what needs to be done to improve the security of websites there are so many things that could and should be done, but certain of them stand out for various reasons. One of the issues that stands out for us is web hosts who are distributing outdated web software. Web hosts are quick to blame many hacks on outdated web software - usually without evidence to support the claim - so y... Read More

One Easy Step To Hype A WordPress Plugin's Security Vulnerabilty
We would love to see more quality press attention to the issue of WordPress plugin security because there certainly is much discuss, unfortunately, as with security journalism in general, when it does get discussed these days the reporting is mostly awful. Take for instance the Ars Technica article More than 1 million WordPress websites imperiled by critical plugin bug (written by the same perso... Read More

WordFence Really Doesn't Know What They Are Talking About
One of the biggest problems we see with improving the security of websites is the amount of bad information out there, as it is hard to start to address the underlying problems when so much of what is being said is wrong. What surprised us when we started dealing with security issues is how much of that bad information comes from security companies. We don't have the time to go through every inst... Read More

Preparing to Have Your Magento Website Upgraded
Upgrading is Magento is no small task. It is something that we recommend you hire someone do for you, not because we provide Magento upgrades, but because we know from plenty of experience how much trouble it can be. Whether you hire us or someone else do your upgrade there are a number of things we have found are important to do and consider when preparing for the upgrade: Upgrading Usually Won'... Read More

Lessons from the FancyBox for WordPress Plugin Vulnerability
Last week a vulnerability in the WordPress plugin Fancybox for WordPress was exploited causing many websites to serve malware. A week later we thought it would be a good time to look at what went wrong and what lessons can be taken from the incident to hopefully improve WordPress plugin security going forward. WordPress Plugin Security is in Bad Shape When we started to look in to this, what we... Read More