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At White Fir Design we are focused on assisting you in making sure that you make the most of your online presence. Whether you are a new business, an established business, or a non-profit organization, we provide services that will assist you in creating or improving online presence. We provide an assortment of web design, security, and marketing services. We provide the technical expertise needed to quickly and easily create or improve your online presence, so that you can spend your time on what you do best. We work hard to provide you value for your investment in your online presence and we make sure that you are fully satisfied with the work we do.

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Just Because a WordPress Plugin You Use Has a Vulnerability It Doesn't Mean It Got Your Website Hacked
As we have talked about recently, there is often confusion over how websites have been hacked. One issue that comes up from time to time is the claim that a WordPress plugin that contains an unfixed minor vulnerability is the source of a hack. Here is one recent claim of that: i would strongly urge you to remove it now. My site was hacked several times before I realized it was because of this... Read More

How to Change the Email Address that WPForms Lite Sends Contact Form Submissions To
As part of helping to deal with a problem where a contact form done through the WordPress plugin WPForms Lite wasn't getting sent to the intended email address, we had to figure out how to change the email address the submissions get sent to. It isn't the most clear process, so for those that have more trouble than us, here are the steps to take to change that: Log in to WordPress Go to th... Read More

Why a WordPress Contact Page Isn't Emailing the Submissions
We were recently helping someone deal with an issue where they were not receiving emails for submissions to the contact page of their WordPress website. There are a multitude of different ways contact form submissions are handled and different ways that could go wrong, but there are three principal problems that lie at the heart of that to sort through if you have that problem. Let's go through th... Read More

The Difference Between a Backdoor and a Vulnerability on Your Repeatedly Hacked Website
If you have a reoccurring problem with a hack of your website, there are multiple causes that could underly it. Two of those, a backdoor and a vulnerability, are sometimes confused. Understanding the difference is important to dealing with the problem. A backdoor is some method for the hacker to continuing access to the website, which they place on the website. That often is a file that the hac... Read More

Bluehost's New Account Management Interface Seems Rather Broken
We were recently dealing with what should be a fairly standard piece of work for us, transferring a website to a new VPS. That turned out to be a lot more complicated by a change made recently at the web host Bluehost. They replaced their long used account management interface. This causes a couple of problems we wanted to share in case others run in to problems as well and are wondering if they a... Read More