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At White Fir Design we are focused on assisting you in making sure that you make the most of your online presence. Whether you are a new business, an established business, or a non-profit organization we provide services that will assist you in creating or improving online presence. We provide an assortment of web design, security, and marketing services. We provide the technical expertise needed to quickly and easily create or improve your online presence, so that you can spend your time on what you do best. We work hard to provide you value for your investment in your online presence and we make sure that you are fully satisfied with the work we do.

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Sucuri Claimed Customer's Website Was Clean Despite It Comprising Credit Card Info Entered on It
Back in June of 2012 we wrote a post mentioning that looking at false positives produced by a malware scanner would give an idea of the quality of the scanner. In that post we looked at a rather bad false positive from web security company Sucuri's scanner. Moving forward nearly five years it is clear that Sucuri hasn't improved the quality of their scanner as a month ago we looked at them falsely... Read More

SiteLock Threat Intercept Falsely Claims That Widely Known Backdoor Code isn't Recognized as a Threat
Last week we looked at the fact that web security company SiteLock's recent claim of a trending threat had an obvious falsehood in it, which was that a malicious WordPress plugin was a forgery of legitimate plugin despite the supposed legitimate plugin not existing. The rest of their post on the issue lacked evidence to back up their claims and it seemed that the malicious plugin might be rather o... Read More

SiteLock Will Try To Sell You Services You Don't Need and Can't Use
Over the last year or so, as we have seen and heard more about the web security company SiteLock's practices, it has become more clear that a lot of what they are doing can reasonably described as scamming. Take for example a recent issue brought up on the customer complaints section of their BBB page, which starts with the complainant being contacted by one of SiteLock's sales people (who are co... Read More

Journalists Spread SiteLock's Fake Claim Involving Nonexistent Legitimate Plugin
When it comes to security journalism, there doesn't seem to be much actual journalism going on. Instead much of what passes for news coverage these days simply involves repeating the claims of security companies, without doing any fact checking of those claims. This would be a problem just based on the low quality of information coming from security companies, but it looks to us that security comp... Read More

Security Companies That Deal With WordPress Websites Should Understand That Usernames Are Not Considered a Secret
When it comes to improving the poor state of security one of the major impediments is security companies. Far too often they either don't seem to understand the basics of security themselves or are intentionally telling people things that are false as means to push products that are not needed. While looking into something related to another post we ran into the security company WeWatchYourW... Read More