We could list a bunch of comments from satisfied clients, but that really wouldn't tell if we are a great company to work with.

If you go to a company's testimonials page, do you ever see a testimonial that isn't positive? Of course you don't. In fact, you are usually going to find that all the testimonials are about how great the company is, with no mention of anything ever going wrong during the work done, much less an experience that ended badly. With any type of work, things are going to wrong sometimes. We frequently deal with things going wrong that arise not because of us or the client but a third party. What matters is that everything is gotten right in a timely manner.

Just in our interaction with other companies we know that a lot of them treat their customers horribly, including offering services they don't understand while claiming to be experts or services where they won't even bother doing the work they claim to do (we wish we were lying about that), but have testimonial pages full of gushing comments. We also have had many instances where clients thought they had a great experience with a company only to find out that the work wasn't done right at all and needs to be redone, most times they paid more and it took longer for the company to do it wrong then how much they paid us and how much time we took. This brings up the really important point that many people only have something done once, so they would have no way of knowing if they actually got great service or not.

Instead of providing you with testimonials that won't give you meaningful information, we pledge always be honest and do the right things for clients, which is a lot more than many companies truly do. For most services we also charge after the work has been completed, so you are always fully satisfied before paying.