Software We Use on Our Website

We use a number of open-source software packages to power our website. In addition to providing us needed capabilities it allows us to extensively test the software so that we can fully support our clients using the software as well. For software that we support but do not use on our website we maintain test installations to make sure that we continue to stay familiar with them. All of the software that we use on the website we would recommend anyone else using.


The DataparkSearch search engine allows us to provide an integrated search capability across the various portions of our website.


We run most of the website with Drupal. Drupal makes it easy to create and manage content while at the same time allowing us a high degree of advanced customization and special feature creation without us having to develop large amounts of our own add-on code.


Piwik is an open-source web analytics package similar to Google Analytics, but because it is self-hosted it allow us to keep tracking data we collect private and take extra privacy precautions.


We run two WordPress blogs on the website. We use two separate installations instead of using the multisite capability so that we can do comparisons of features and plugins in the same server environment. We also run release clients of WordPress on one of the blogs so that we can keep ahead of changes being made to WordPress for clients.