Automatic Plugin Updates WordPress Plugin

Note: We have not removed the plugin from the Plugin Directory, instead the inability of the people on the WordPress side of things to deal in a professional adult manner with problems they have created caused them to lash out at people wanting to use this plugin by removing it. They can restore access to it anytime, so please ask them to do that if you are interested in using it.

The Automatic Plugin Updates WordPress plugin turns on automatic background updates for plugins.

If you have plugins that you don't want automatically updated those can be excluded from being automatically updated on the settings page for this plugin. The plugin also enables email alerts being sent for automatic plugin updates.

Getting the Plugin

You can download the plugin, get it at the Plugin Directory, or install it directly in WordPress.

Report an Bug

To report a bug please email us at Security bugs are eligible for bounties through our bug bounty program for WordPress.

Question About the Plugin?

If you have questions about the plugin please start a new thread on the support forum for the plugin.