Go Daddy Admits to Not Knowing Source of Malware Infections

For Several weeks Go Daddy has been blaming the bibzopl.com malware, that has been infecting some Go Daddy hosted websites since February, on users running either outdated versions of WordPress or outdated versions of software installation in general. These are both not true as the malware has infected websites running up to date software and websites not running any web software, which we and others have been telling Go Daddy. In a topic, in Go Daddy’s Community Forums, about the code that is causing the website’s files to become infected a Go Daddy employee using the username ScottG said they are “currently working on determining the source of the file”. The employee also claimed that Go Daddy had been aware of the code. It was nearly two weeks ago that they had claimed they had determined source of the infections. No explanation was given why they previously claimed that they had determined the source of the infections and why they have not admitted that their previous information was wrong.  The employee also said that they are having to get help from other hosting provider to secure their own systems.

Here is Go Daddy’s employee entire post:

This is information that we have been aware of and are currently working on determining the source of the file. This is not an issue that is localized to Go Daddy. Several other hosting companies are seeing this same attack and we are working with them to determine the source of the attacks and the best way to mitigate them.

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