Hiring a Freelancer Isn’t Necessarily Going to Save You Money on Web Development Tasks

We often deal with people managing their own websites who would probably be better served to hire someone to handle things for them on a continuing basis instead of handling things through a combination of doing things themselves and hiring someone like us or freelancers on a one-off basis. It’s worth noting that they are not necessarily even saving money by hiring freelancers to do work. Take something we ran across on a freelancer website recently while looking for some unrelated information. The person hiring a freelancer wanted a very simple .htaccess redirect written:

I need a website to redirect to www version and https in one hop. In other words, if user enters non-secured domain, it always needs to redirect to www. version.

For example, if they enter “[login to view URL]” it needs to go to “www.domain.com.”

If they enter non-secured domain, it needs to go to secured domain, www version. For example, If they enter “[login to view URL]”, it needs to go to “[login to view URL]”

So the end result should always be the secured domain, www version, in one hop.

I will not allow access to the server due to security reasons. The current code for the HT access is below. Please let me know if questions.

They ended up paying $60 for what should amount to a couple to a few lines of code being written. Which would take, conservatively, ten minutes to write and test. That is the sort of thing we do for no additional charge when doing other work, since it is so insubstantial.

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