Malware Didn’t Get on Your Website Through a WordPress Update

When it comes to figuring out how websites have been infected with malware or otherwise hacked, people often assume something that happened around the same time as they became aware of the hack caused it. There are a couple of big problems with that. First, as the saying goes, correlation isn’t causation. Second, the start of the hacking can have been well before it is noticed.

Another problem that comes up is that people can come up with fairly improbable possible causes. We recently interacted with someone suggesting that an update to WordPress introduced malware on to their website. If that were something that was occurring, it would be big news. In their case, there wasn’t even a correlation, as they knew about the malware and were having cleaned six days before the update.

A post we wrote recently explains the basics of trying to determine how a website was actually hacked.

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