Bluehost’s New Account Management Interface Seems Rather Broken

We were recently dealing with what should be a fairly standard piece of work for us, transferring a website to a new VPS. That turned out to be a lot more complicated by a change made recently at the web host Bluehost. They replaced their long used account management interface. This causes a couple of problems we wanted to share in case others run in to problems as well and are wondering if they are alone in that.

First, we found that some of their support documents still are written for the old interface. One of those has instructions for something that isn’t even possible with the new interface. Our client contacted their support team about that and was told that it was no longer relevant, but the document is still up over a week later.

Second, we found that the interface seems rather broken. We found features that only worked some of the time. When we were trying to make a simple change, we found that the interface wasn’t showing information that it should have been showing. It isn’t a good situation.

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