Yahoo Opening Search Technology to Other Companies

Yahoo has announced a program to open its search technology and data centers to start-up companies to create new or customized search engines. The program called Boss, bring your own search service, has already signed up two partners. One partner, Me.dium uses information from the users of its social browsing tool to rearrange and supplement Yahoo’s search results based on what sites currently have “buzz”. Yahoo will sell ads on its partners search engines.

Source: New York Times

Click Fraud Tool Adds Automatic Notification to Yahoo

Click Forensics, a click fraud auditor, will provide automatic notification of detected click-fraud in search advertising to Yahoo under a new partnership according to a CNET News report. Currently, filing a inquiry into suspected click fraud requires a tedious manual process. Steve O’Brien, Click Forensics’ vice president of marketing, told CNET News that Click Forensics’ were in conversation with Google about providing the same service, but that so far “Google has taken a different attitude toward click fraud, assuring advertisers that it has a fail-safe means of tracking rogue clicks and that it doesn’t charge for it.”

Google Adds Search Volume Data to AdWords Keyword Tool

Google has added search volume data to the AdWords Keyword Tool. The new data provides the approximate number of searches on Google and their search network for last month and the monthly average for the last twelve months. The tool already provided graphical representation of search volume trends for a twelve-month period and the month that the keyword received its highest volume.

Source: Inside AdWords