Bing Ads’ Unhelpful Information on Disapproved Price Extensions

Microsoft’s search advertising platform Bing Ads recently added a feature that has been available for some time with Google’s AdWords, price extensions. Those allow showing prices for various offering as part of ads. It looks like Microsoft is rolling out access to that over time as they launched last week and they were only available in our account earlier this week. After creating some, we had to wait several days for them to be reviewed. The result of the reviews was that all of them were disapproved. The explanation for those disapprovals was as follows:

The policy those extensions are apparently violating is the vaguely named, Ad Extension Policy Violation. Following the link takes you to a page that currently contains no information on price extensions.

Without any information related to them we have no way of knowing if there is actually some issue that we should be resolving before asking for them to be reviewed again.

The launch announcement did mention a couple of requirements for them, which the price extensions we created are in accordance with:

  • Prices used in Price Extensions must be available and visible on the landing page.
  • Description cannot be duplicated in the header. For example, “Women’s haircut” cannot be used for both the header and the description.

We contacted the Bing Ads’ support and let them know of the missing information, so hopefully that will be resolved before too many people run into this. In the meantime we wanted anyone else running in to this mysterious disapproval to know that they are not alone in that.

It would be an improvement if Microsoft would provide more clear information as to why something is disproved instead of just pointing to a broad category that encompasses a number of different issues.

Bing Gains US Market Share In February

According to Nielsen’s US search share data for February, Microsoft’s Bing search engine gained 1.6 point of search share during the month. Bing gained a point of market share in the previous and their market share reached 12.5 percent this month. Google’s share was 65.2 percent, 1.1 points of search share less than the previous month. Yahoo’s share was 14.1 percent, a decrease of .4 points from the previous month.

Bing Gains Point of US Search Share in January

According to Nielsen’s US search share data for January Microsoft’s Bing search engine gained a point of search share in January, increasing its share to 10.9 percent. Google’s share was 66.3 percent, a point of search share less than the previous month. Yahoo’s share was 14.5 percent, an increase of a tenth of point over the previous month.

Yahoo and Microsoft Receive Regulatory Clearance for Search Pact

Yahoo and Microsoft announced today that they had received regulatory clearance from US and European regulators. Under the pact Microsoft’s Bing search engine will power Yahoo Search and Microsoft’s AdCenter search advertising service will provide search ads to Yahoo Search. The companies had announced the pact in late July and reached a finalized agreement in December. The companies have set a goal of serving results from Bing in Yahoo Search in “at least the United States by the end of 2010”. The transition to serving ads from Microsoft’s advertising service in Yahoo Search is planned to occur “prior to the 2010 holiday season, but may wait until 2011 if they determine that the transition will be more effective after the holiday season”. They expect a full transition by early 2012. According to the companies, Yahoo will build its own “search experience” on top of Bing’s search results by “integrating rich Yahoo! content, enhanced listings with conveniently organized information about key topics, and tools to tailor the experience for Yahoo! users”

Google’s Chrome Continues to Gain Market Share

Google’s Chrome continues to gain market share according to Net Applications data. It market share has increased 3.7 percentage points to 5.22 percent from the year ago period. Last month it surpassed Apple’s Safari as the third most popular web browser behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox. Internet Explorer market has continued to decline. In the last year it last 7.2 percentage of points, though it continues to have the highest market share with 62.12 percent share. January mark the first month that Internet Explore 8 was the most popular version of Internet Explorer. It had a market share of 22.37 percent, version 6 had a market share 20 percent and version 7 had market share of 14.53.

Google Increased US Search Share In December

According to Nielsen’s December data Google share of US searches was 67.3 percent, an increase of  1.9 percent from the previous month. Yahoo’s share dropped .9 percent to 14.4 percent and Bing’s share dropped .8 percent to 9.9 percent. Nielsen also reported that there were 9.9 billion searches performed during the month.

Yahoo and Microsoft Finalize Search Pact

Yahoo and Microsoft have finalized their agreement that will have Microsoft provide the search results and advertising for Yahoo Search. The definitive agreement was originally scheduled to be completed in late October and was delayed while details were worked out. The pact will still need to receive regulatory approval before it can begin which the companies said that they hope will occur in early 2010.

Yahoo and Microsoft Delay Finalizing Search Pact

Yahoo and Microsoft have delayed finalization of their agreement that would have Microsoft provide the search results and advertising for Yahoo Search. When the deal was announced in July, the two companies agreed to reach definitive agreement by October 27, 2009. Microsoft said  there are some “issues that need some additional clarity and definitive details” before the agreement can be finalized and that the two companies have agreed extend the deadline to finalize deal.  The pact will still need to receive regulatory approval before it can begin.

Bing Adding Twitter and Facebook Posts to Search Results

Microsoft announced today that they would be integrating Twitter tweets and Facebook status updates into Bing’s search results. Tweets can be searched from the beta of Bing Twitter search at Microsoft made no mention of whether or when tweets will be integrated in the standard search results. In July, Bing added tweets from a limited group of high profile individuals to some search queries related to those individuals. Facebook status updates are to be integrated into search results at an unspecified later date. There have rumors that Google has been in discussions with Twitter and Fackbook integrating postings from their services into Google’s search.

August U.S. Search Share Results

Nielsen Online released its rankings of U.S. search share for August, with overall search increasing 49.7 percent year over year to 10.8 billion searches. Google had a year over year increase of 61.3 percent and received 64.6 percent of searches. Yahoo had a year over year increase of 32.3 percent and received 16.0 percent of searches. Microsoft had a year over year increase of 50 percent and received 10.7 percent of searches.