Bing Ads’ Unhelpful Information on Disapproved Price Extensions

Microsoft’s search advertising platform Bing Ads recently added a feature that has been available for some time with Google’s AdWords, price extensions. Those allow showing prices for various offering as part of ads. It looks like Microsoft is rolling out access to that over time as they launched last week and they were only available in our account earlier this week. After creating some, we had to wait several days for them to be reviewed. The result of the reviews was that all of them were disapproved. The explanation for those disapprovals was as follows:

The policy those extensions are apparently violating is the vaguely named, Ad Extension Policy Violation. Following the link takes you to a page that currently contains no information on price extensions.

Without any information related to them we have no way of knowing if there is actually some issue that we should be resolving before asking for them to be reviewed again.

The launch announcement did mention a couple of requirements for them, which the price extensions we created are in accordance with:

  • Prices used in Price Extensions must be available and visible on the landing page.
  • Description cannot be duplicated in the header. For example, “Women’s haircut” cannot be used for both the header and the description.

We contacted the Bing Ads’ support and let them know of the missing information, so hopefully that will be resolved before too many people run into this. In the meantime we wanted anyone else running in to this mysterious disapproval to know that they are not alone in that.

It would be an improvement if Microsoft would provide more clear information as to why something is disproved instead of just pointing to a broad category that encompasses a number of different issues.

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    1. We contacted support to let them know the link for Ad Extension Policy Violation didn’t provide any information on Price Extensions, so our contacting them wasn’t about getting the status changed since we don’t know if the disapproval relates to something we need to fix to get them approved.

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