Check What Version of Drupal You Are Running

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Updated: May 2, 2024

The version number of Drupal installed on your website is listed in a couple of places:

  • In the root directory of the Drupal installation, the CHANGELOG.txt (i.e, lists the current version number at the top of the file:
    Drupal 7.37, 2015-05-07
    - Fixed a regression in Drupal 7.36 which caused certain kinds of content types
  • In the administration interface of Drupal you can see what version you are running on Logs>Status in Drupal 5 and Reports>Status Report in Drupal 6 & 7:

    Drupal Version on Status Report

You can also check what versions of Drupal are running on websites using our Version Check for Drupal extension, which is available for Chrome.

Current Versions of Drupal

7.100 and 10.2.6