Drupal Upgrade Subscription

Keeping your installation of Drupal up to date keeps it protected against known security vulnerabilities, fixes bugs, and major upgrades also add new features and functionality. We can do the upgrades for you on an ongoing basis. We are so sure you will like our service, that you can try it for only $1.

After a new version is released, we will first do a test of the upgrade on a copy of the website, so that we can resolve any issues before we upgrade the production website. After you have had a chance to review that, we then schedule with you for a time to the upgrade the production website. We will make a fresh backup before applying the upgrade to the production website. For minor upgrades, we can apply them without doing test first, if you would prefer that. During the upgrades, we will also upgrade any out of date contributed modules that are installed.

When security advisories are released for any the contributed modules used on the website, we will promptly update those as well.

The service is available for websites running Drupal 6, 7, and 8/9/10 as long as updates continue to be released for them. (Support for Drupal 6 has ended, but security updates continue to be released.)

We also provide one time Drupal upgrades.

If you have questions about the service, please get in touch with us.


$1 USD for the first month and then $125 USD per month.

Drupal 6:
Drupal 7:
Drupal 8/9/10: