Google Product Search Setup

Are you getting full exposure for your store in Google's search? If you are not in Google Product Search then you are missing out. Unlike Google's web search Google Product Search requires that you create a special feed of your products to be included. Once included your products show when searches are done using the Shopping tab and they can also be highlighted in the regular search results (see image below).

Example of Shopping Results in regular search results.

We can take your through the process of getting your products in Products Search. This starts with setting up a free Google Merchant account. Then setting up your store to generate a feed with the required information. Then finally setting up so that your data is submit to Google.

The product data can also be used with the Product Extension in Google's AdWords (see image below).

Example of AdWords Product Extension.


US$200 for Magento or Zen Cart. Payment is due after the setup has been completed. We accept payment by credit card, debit card, or eCheck through PayPal in a number of currencies.