Website Security

Unfortunately, much of the website security industry is scam. Companies make incredible claims as to what their services provide in terms of protection, but not only do they not really provide that, but in reality the services often couldn't even theoretically provide the protection that is claimed. For example, there are services marketed as being able to stop websites from being hacked, but they really only try to detect the website has been hacked after the fact, so they couldn't do anything to have stopped it from happening in the first place. You don't have take our word for this, just try to find a security service that is marketed with evidence that their service is actually effective at protecting websites (we've extensively looked and never found one that does). We are telling you all of that first because we are often hired to clean up hacked websites after someone has relied on such a service and it failed at doing that and we don't want you to be another victim.

If you website has been hacked then the solution for that isn't a security service, but having the website properly cleaned of the hack. We can handle that for you with that

If your website hasn't been hacked then what is important to actually keep it secure are doing the basics. From dealing with too many hacked websites the following are the important things that would prevent most instances of websites being hacked in recent years:

  • Keeping software on the website up to date.
  • Using a secure web host.
  • Using strong passwords and not reusing passwords across multiple websites

Security services we have run across won't do those things for you, which is at the heart of why they are not effective at protecting websites.

We offer a security review service that will review the security of the website in terms of the software running and the hosting environment.

We provide one times upgrades of a variety of web software. We also provide subscription upgrade services for the following software:

For WordPress website that need extra security we provide a service for helping to protect against security issues cause by plugins.