Here Are SiteLock’s Web Hosting Partners, You Probably Should Avoid Them

As we have looked closer at how the web security company SiteLock takes advantage of people we have found that their web hosting partners are critical component of that being possible. Avoiding those web hosts prevents you from getting taken advantage of and also if enough people did that would get web hosts to stop allowing that to happen in the first place, but we also think that by partnering with SiteLock these web hosts are showing they are companies you should avoid even if you are not worried about being taken advantage of by SiteLock. There are number of reasons we think that is the case:

First, these web hosts are not being upfront with their customers as they don’t disclose that their partnership is really based around them getting a significant cut of SiteLock fees. That means for example, that they are making a large profit of off their customers websites being hacked. In the case some of their partners the web hosts are even controlled by the owners of SiteLock, something the web hosts won’t even publicly acknowledge, despite it being disclosed to their investors. If they are not being upfront about that, you have to wonder what else they are not being truthful about.

Second, they are showing that money they get from SiteLock is more important than their customers, as SiteLock is not a company that should be anywhere near the security of websites based on what we have seen over the years. This is due to the fact that at a basic level they don’t even try to properly clean up website, leaving them open to exploited again, and in some cases they couple that with leaving a broken website behind as well. They are also rather bad at detecting malicious code and detecting whether websites are secure. There are many companies that clean up hacked website, so to partner with SiteLock, it has to been about getting that money, not about doing what is best for their customers.

Third, we have found that these web hosts who are partnered with them do not have much concern for security. Not only by getting involved with a really bad security company, but their own practices. For example, at one web host we found that they were distributing outdated, inscure, software to their customers and their access controls were broken, leading to websites being hacked that otherwise would not have been. We don’t find that type of thing surprising, seeing as we can’t imagine a company that really cared about security partnering with SiteLock, considering their track record. Making their customers more secure would also likely reduce the amount of money they can make through selling SiteLock services as well.

To help you to avoid those web host we have started to compile a list of web host who have partnered with SiteLock. If you know of addition or subtraction we need to make to the list please leave a comment below or contact us.

(Last update: April 20, 2017)



  • 1&1
  • 123 Reg
  • 123hospedaje
  • 24 Host India
  • 365ezone
  • A Small Orange
  • Alojamiento Tico
  • Arivisti
  • BigRock
  • BiswasIT
  • BizLand
  • BlessHost
  • BlueDomino
  • BlueHost
  • BuyHTTP
  • Caribbean Domains & Websites
  • Certified Hosting
  • CleverHost
  • Colombia Redes
  • Dhrubo Host
  • DomainHost
  • Dot5Hosting
  • dotster
  • EasyCGI
  • EdorHosting
  • eHost
  • eNom
  • EntryHost
  • eWallHost
  • Exabytes
  • FastDomain
  • FastWebHost
  • FatCow
  • FreeYellow
  • Full Tech Solutions
  • Getesy
  • Globat Web Hosting
  • GMO Cloud
  • GoDaddy
  • GreenGeeks
  • Growfio
  • HaiSoft
  • Host Byte
  • HostCentric
  • HostClear
  • HostForWeb
  • HostGator
  • HostHero
  • Hosting and Designs
  • HostMonster
  • Hostnet
  • HostPapa
  • Hostpuppies
  • HostUtopia
  • HyperMart
  • IBHost Web Solutions
  • IMOutdoors
  • iPage
  • ITX Design
  • iViperHost
  • IX Web Hosting
  • Just Host
  • Kualo
  • Lithium Hosting
  • MaxterHost
  • Media Temple
  • Midphase
  • Mustang Technologies
  • MyDomain
  • Netfirms
  • Network Solutions
  • Networks Web Hosting
  • Noworryhost
  • OCNHost
  • OpenSRS
  • PowWeb
  • PureHost
  • ReadyHosting
  • ServerFreak
  • ServInt
  • SotaHost
  • StartLogic
  • TMDHosting
  • Tripod
  • UK2
  • USANetHosting
  • v2Web
  • Verio
  • Very Chio
  • VirtualAvenue
  • VisualWebTechnologies
  • ViUX
  • VPSLink
  • Web Fortuners
  • WebHost4Life
  • WebhostforASP
  • Xeran


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  1. Even tho this article is a few years old, this is still happening and dare I say, they’ve become even bolder. They sent me a confusing and frightening email about my site, and after contacting my hosting site directly, they confirmed Sitelock had never been added to my site. So who do these blankety-blanks think they are that they can just add their random scan to my site without my consent and THEN try and extort money?? I sent them an email they should frame for its factual representation of the bloodsucking bottom-feeders those Sitelock runners truly are.

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