Positive SiteLock Review Praises Them for Leaving Website Insecure

When it comes to finding a web security company to help deal with a hack or other security issue with a website you have a lot of bad options, as from what we have seen most security companies don’t know and or care about security. One of the results of that is that often these companies don’t even try to properly clean up hacked websites.

We are often brought in to re-clean hacked websites after another company did a cleanup and the website was then re-hacked. In that situation the first question we always ask is if the previous company determined how the website was hacked, since if the source isn’t found and fixed it could be exploited again. The answer is almost always that doing that never even came up. Considering that doing that is one of three basic components of a proper cleanup, either the company doesn’t understand what the service they are offering should even include or they are intentionally cutting corners.

One company that doesn’t do things properly is SiteLock and more troubling they use their corner cutting to try to get people locked in to long term contracts. You would think that a website getting repeatedly hacked due to that would only lead to only negative reviews, but one recent review for them on the BBB page for the company actually praised them for this:

Sitelock has been there for me in the middle of the night when my blog was compromised several times this year. I am a one woman team and it is great to know that I have Sitelock always there for me making sure I am all safe and secure. It is so wonderful to have a live person to talk to when you need it 24/7. Now on to my gluten-free baking and blogging!

We don’t understand how having a website compromised several times only two months in year could be paired with a claim that the company that dealt with the issue is keeping it “safe and secure”, but it happened here.

That is good reminder that you can’t rely on reviews of web security companies to point to a security company that can actual provide with a good result, because they are often praised despite providing a bad outcomes. We have even had clients that come to us to re-clean websites saying the previous company did a good job, despite needing us to re-do the work. In some cases like this one you might notice the inconsistency, but in others the details needed to spot that the praise is misplaced are missing.

A Better Alternative to SiteLock For Cleaning Up a Hacked Website
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