Zen Cart Stores Can Have One Step Checkout and be Mobile Friendly

If you have a website, you probably get contacted by email with web development offers. That is true even, if, like us, you are web developers. The lack of targeting goes farther than that, as earlier this week we got an email that looks to be intended to target those with Zen Cart stores. We don’t have a Zen Cart store or a store in general, but we do provide services for Zen Cart websites. The email seems to be worth noting due to what might be a more general misunderstanding about Zen Cart.

Here is the full email:

Hi ,

I heard you were the right person to speak with regards to your site whitefirdesign.com but if I am wrong, could you please point me in the right direction?

According to a survey by DigitalEra, e-stores having modern design with latest commerce features like one step checkout generate 27% more profits and have 52.5% less bounce rate compared to conventional e-stores.

Given Zen Cart stores have subpar aesthetics and appeal, lack modern features like 1 step checkout and are not mobile friendly, are you facing store performance issues like high bounce rate, low traffic and sales on your site?

If yes, I was curious to know if you are planning to migrate from Zen Cart?

We can help you evaluate your CMS options including WordPress, Shopify, Magento etc and migrate accordingly. Do let me know.

WordPress Consultant

Like most web software, whether a website powered by Zen Cart is mobile friendly or not is determined by the theme/template that is being used. So a lack of mobile friendliness would be just as true or false as a WordPress or Magento website.

While Zen Cart by default has a multi step checkout process, if you want to reduce the number of steps, plugins have been available to handle for that years.

WordPress, which the person ostensibly was trying to promote switching over to, isn’t even e-commerce software. It started as blogging software and could now be considered CMS software. It can include e-commerce functionality through plugins. So suggesting switching over to WordPress to get functionality missing in Zen Cart doesn’t make a lot of sense, since it doesn’t include it by default either.

For anyone still wondering if emails like that are on the level, the survey cited there doesn’t appear to exist. The only entity we could find named DigitalEra is a cybersecurity provider. The domain of the email address to reply to, cmstowordpress.com, doesn’t currently serve up a website either.

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