Your WordPress Website Might Be Hacked if It Is Loading Very Slowly or Not Loading at All

We were recently contacted by someone looking to move their website off of WordPress because of downtime the website was experiencing. WordPress websites shouldn’t have problems with downtime unless something is going wrong with the website or the web hosting it is on. The solution to that wouldn’t be to move off of WordPress, but to address the problem. So what was going on?

When we went to view the website, we found that either it was slowly loading or not loading at all. Pulling up a cached copy of the website’s homepage through the Bing search engine, we were redirected to a malicious website. Viewing the source code of the cached copy of the homepage, we found that it contained obfuscated malicious code (the same code existed on the live website). So the problem here was that the website had been hacked. The solution to that is to clean up the hack, not switch to other software that could also be hacked.

If you are having a problem with your website, get in touch with someone who can assess what is going wrong. We can help you with that. If you need a hacked WordPress website cleaned up, we can also help with that.

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