Resetting the WordPress Password When WordPress Can’t Send Emails

We were recently contacted by someone who needed support for their WordPress website, where they were locked out of the website and needed to change their WordPress password. We suggested they use the “Lost your password?” link on the login page to reset the password. They said that didn’t work. It turned out that when you tried that, you got shown this message:

Error: The email could not be sent. Your site may not be correctly configured to send emails. Get support for resetting the password.

That message is saying that WordPress isn’t able to send emails. Without that ability, the password reset feature doesn’t work.

So how do you address that? To fix the email issue, you are likely going to need to be able to log in to WordPress as an Administrator. If there is only one account, then you won’t be able to do that because you are locked out. Even if you are not, fixing that can take some time, so it is easier to reset the password another way before addressing the email issue.

The error message links to a documentation page for WordPress on resetting the password. That explains multiple alternative methods to reset the password. All of those require at least minimal technical expertise, so you may want someone to help you with that. That is something we can do for you, alongside getting the email for the website working.

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