Mobile Solutions for Magento

As more and more people have Internet connected mobile device there doing more of their shopping on those devices. We can help you provide a mobile friendly interface for your Magento store.

Customized Mobile Theme

Magento now comes with a mobile theme named iphone, which is designed for iPhones and other devices with a similar screen size. With this theme enabled for mobile devices your customers get most of the functionality of your website in a form that fits easily on their device. What it lacks by default is styling to match the rest of your website. We can customize the theme with your store's color scheme and logo so that your customer get a great mobile experience that is stylistically consistent with your normal website.

Magento Mobile Setup

Magneto Mobile allows you to create a native application of your store for the iPhone/iPad Touch, iPad, and or Android. You make design selections, create some images, and then Magento handles generating the application and in the app store for the device. We can help you through the setup process for this. Magento charges a setup fee and monthly fee for this product.


US$300 for customizing the iphone theme or for helping you setup Magento Mobile. Payment is due after the work has been completed. We accept payment by credit card, debit card, or eCheck through PayPal in a number of currencies.