WordPress 2.7 Beta Released, Final Release Delayed

The first beta of WordPress 2.7 was released on Saturday according to a post on the WordPress Development Blog. The most significant change in 2.7 is a redesigned administrative interface, which according to the posting is almost in its final form in the first beta. The new version will also include automatic updating, comment threading, and other new features. More information about 2.7 is available at the WordPress.org Codex. The final 2.7 was previously scheduled to be released on November 10, but according to the posting it is two weeks behind schedule. Instead, on the 10th a release candidate will be made available that is “intended to be a high-quality, almost-finished release that we are comfortable recommending for broad use.” A new release date will be set as the development moves further along.

WordPress Developer Automattic Acquires Enhanced Commenting Tool

The developer of WordPress, Automattic, has acquired enhanced comment tool IntenseDebate according a article by CNET News. IntenseDebate replaces a blogs standard comment system with a system that allows for email replies, reputation, ranking, and centralized control across several sites. The tool will likely be integrated into self-hosted and WordPress.com hosted WordPress blogs in the near future. The co-founder of IntenseDebate, Jon Fox, told CNET News that the tool would continue to support other blogging platforms including Blogger and MovableType.

WordPress Releases App for iPhone

WordPress announced today that their free app for the iPhone is now available for download in the App Store. The app allows editing of self-hosted or WordPress.com hosted WordPress blogs from the iPhone. New post can be created and old post can be edited. Tags, categories, and publishing status are accessible from the main editing screen. Images taken by the iPhone can be embedded into posts and posts can be previewed from an embedded Safari browser.

WordPress Releases Version 2.6

WordPress has announced the release of version 2.6 of WordPress. The biggest change is revision tracking, the ability to see changes made each time a post is saved and the ability to revert to a previous version. Basic support for Gears was added, commonly used Javascript and CSS files are loaded into a “Local Server”, decreasing the load time of administrative pages. The update also adds the ability to see a live preview a new theme before making it active on a site. Among the other features are word count, revamped image control, and approximately 194 bug fixes.