Check If a Web Page is Cloaked to Googlebot

Updated: February 17, 2016

This tool will display what is being served when it appear Googlebot, Google's crawler used for gathering pages for their search engine, requests a page from your website and what is being served to a web browser.

If a web page includes dynamic content that changes with each request that will cause the pages to be different in the location(s) where the dynamic content is located.

Because this tool does not make the request from an IP address that Googlebot uses, the result may be different from what is actually served to Googlebot. Some servers have software designed to block requests spoofing Googlebot, like this one, and in some cases hacks may check the IP address to determine if they should serve hacked content. To be sure that you are seeing exactly what Google receives you can use the Fetch as Google tool in Google's Webmaster Tools.

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