Sitelinks in Google’s Search Results Missing “This site may be hacked.” Warnings

Last week we discussed a US government contractor that offers several security services, including “Cyber Security” a service, while having hacked website, which we had run across after they were in the news for their involvement with questionable practices at US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) department. That incongruity between offering security services and not being able to secure their own website, makes it seem not all that surprising to us that in follow up reporting on the situation with the HUD department it was reported that the company was possibly engaged in fraudulent billing as well.

There is another thing we noticed in relation to the hack, though, which is that Google is currently incompletely warning that they are aware that websites are hacked.

In our previous post we mentioned that, for example, when you visited the website’s Careers page you would be redirected to a casino website. When showing up in Google’s search results that page is flagged with the message “This site may be hacked.”:

But when that same page is shown as a sitelink there is no warning:

Being a sitelink versus as standalone result should have no impact on whether this type of issue is occurring (and that is the case with this website), so Google should warn there as well.

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